Vol 96, No 2 (2016)

Transport in Mesoscopic Systems

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Editor's Desk

Editorial - Editor's Desk and Guest Editor's Desk PDF
Journal of the Indian Institute of Science i-iv

Review Articles

A Pedagogic Review on Designing Model Topological Insulators PDF
Tanmoy Das 77-106
Spin Polarization of Majorana Zero Modes and Topological Quantum Phase Transition in Semiconductor Majorana Nanowires PDF
Sumanta Tewari Tewari, Tudor D Stanescu 107-120
Nanomaterials and Crystals of Topological Insulators and Topological Crystalline Insulators PDF
Balakrishnan G., Saghir M., Lees M.R., York S.J., Hindmarsh S.A., Sanchez A.M., Walker M., McConville C.F. 121-130
Electrical Transport in Vanadium Dioxide Nanostructures – New Physics and Potential Applications PDF
Sambandamurthy G., Singh S., Kilcoyne C., AlSaqqa A. 131-136
Spin Polarised Tunneling Probe for Two and Three Dimensional Dirac Metals PDF
Sourin Das 137-144
Weyl Semi-Metals: A Short Review PDF
Sumathi Rao 145-156


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