Vol 91, No 4 (2011)

(Oct. - Dec. 2011) Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

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Editorial Committee

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T N Guru Row, G Mugesh i-ii

Review Articles

Dynamic Equilibrium: Is it an Important Concept in Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery? PDF
Dhevalapally B Ramachary, Indresh Kumar 455-470
Self-Assembling Peptides: From Molecules to Nanobiomaterials PDF
Bimalendu Adhikari, Arindam Banerjee 471-484
Utilizing Model Nanostructured Porous Inorganic Compounds Such as Silica to Beneficially Confine “Bio”-Relevant Molecules and Demonstrate their Potential in Therapeutics PDF
Aninda J Bhattacharyya, Soumit S Mandal 485-496
Protein-Protein Complexes PDF
Ravula Thirupathi, Sathela Sravanthi, Anusha Kumar, Erode N Prabhakaran 497-520
Catalytic C–X (X = C and Heteroatom) Bond Formations Using Late-Transition Metal Complexes of N/O-Functionalized N-heterocyclic Carbenes PDF
Prasenjit Ghosh 521-534

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