Vol 90, No 4 (2010)

(Oct. - Dec. 2010) Climate Change:Challenges and Opportunities for India

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Editorial Committee

Editorial Committee PDF

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Editorial PDF
T N Guru Row, Prof. Raghuram Murtugudde, Prof. Debasis Sengupta i-ii

Review Articles

The Recent National Initiatives In Earth Science PDF
Roddam Narasimha 453-456
Monitoring Himalayan cryosphere using remote sensing techniques PDF
Anil V Kulkarni 457-469
The evolution of the earth observation system in India PDF
R Ranganath, R Navalgund, Raghavendra P Singh 471-488
Land use and land cover change in India:Aremote sensing & GIS prespective PDF
P S Roy, Arijit Roy 489-502
Societal Benefits of Earth System Science PDF
Shailesh Nayak 503-513
Global perspective onsolar energy and imperatives for India taking the global leadership:A technology perspective with focus on India’s energy needs PDF
R R Sonde 515-526
Finding India’s place in the Sun – Prospects for harnessing solar thermal energy PDF
Vijay Sundaram, Vasant Natarajan 527-533
Deep-sea ferromanganese deposits and their resource potential for India PDF
Virupaxa K Banakar 535-541


IISc Undergraduate Programme Admissions for 2011 PDF

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