Vol 92, No 3 (2012)

(Jul.-Sept.) Cancer Enigma: Concepts, Challenges and Prospects

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Editor's Desk

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T N Guru Row, Paturu Kondaiah i-iii

Review Articles

Cancer Stem Cells: The Real Enemies within Cancer? PDF
Annapoorni Rangarajan 313-320
Analyzing BRCA1 Variants of Unknown Significance by Bioinformatics PDF
Balaiah Meenakumari, Thangarajan Rajkumar 321-332
Impacts of Biology in Therapeutic Management of Malignant Gliomas PDF
Epari Sridhar, Rakesh Jalali 333-338
One Size does not Fit All—The Future of Cancer Therapy PDF
Sujaya Srinivasan, Kumaravel Somasundaram 339-346
Gene Therapy for Cancer: Is there Light at the End of the Tunnel? PDF
Rita Mulherkar 347-352
Modern Approaches to Prevention and Control of Cancer of the Uterine Cervix in Women PDF
S Gupta, P Kumar, A Tyagi, K Sharma, H Kaur, B C Das 353-564


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