Vol 92, No 1 (2012)

(Jan.-Mar. 2012) Biomass and Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development

Table of Contents

Editorial Committee

Editorial Committee PDF

Editor's Desk

Editorial PDF
T N Guru Row, H N Chanakya, B V Venkatarama Reddy i-v

Sustainability Issues of Agriculture and Biomass Production

Sustainable Soil Nutrient Management PDF
V R Ramakrishna Parama, Atheefa Munawery 1-16
Nitrogen Cycle Sustainability and Sustainable Technologies for Nitrogen Fertilizer and Energy Management PDF
Y P Abrol, Renu Pandey, N Raghuram, Altaf Ahmad 17-36
Biofertilizers for Sustainability PDF
G P Brahmaprakash, Pramod Kumar Sahu 37-62
Sustainability of Large-Scale Algal Biofuel Production in India PDF
H N Chanakya, Durga Madhab Mahapatra, Sarada Ravi, V S Chauhan, R Abitha 63-98

Sustainable Energy Technologies and their Manifestation

Development and Dissemination of Fuel-Efficient Biomass Burning Devices PDF
S S Lokras 99-110
Anaerobic Digestion for Bioenergy from Agro- Residues and Other Solid Wastes—An Overview of Science, Technology and Sustainability PDF
H N Chanakya, Sreesha Malayil 111-144
Sustainability in Human Settlements: Imminent Material and Energy Challenges for Buildings in India PDF
Monto Mani, B V Venkatarama Reddy 145-162

The Human Side of Technology

Universal and Sustainable Access to Modern Energy Services in Rural India: An Overview of Policy-Programmatic Interventions and Implications for Sustainable Development PDF
Balachandra P 163-182

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ISSN: 0970-4140