Vol 91, No 1 (2011)

(Jan. - Mar. 2011)Special Issue on Algebra and its Applications

Table of Contents

Editorial Committee

Editorial Committee PDF

Editor's Desk

Editorial PDF
T N Guru Row, Dilip P Patil i-ii

Review Articles

Group Actions and Elementary Number Theory PDF
D P Patil, U Storch 1-45
Galois Theory and Solvable Equations of Prime Degree PDF
Anirban Ghatak, Anshoo Tandon 47-74
On Euler’s Proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra PDF
Simone Böttger, Uwe Storch 75-101
On the Burnside Algebra of a Finite Group PDF
Dilip P Patil, Anshoo Tandon 103-120
On the minimum distance of AG codes, on Weierstrass semigroup and the smoothability of certain monomial curves in 4-Space. PDF
Alessio Del Padrone, Anna Oneto, Grazia Tamone 121-153
Algebraic Approaches to Space-Time Code Construction for Multiple-Antenna Communication PDF
U Raviteja, I Sharanappa, B Vanamali, P Vijay Kumar 155-179
Distributed Function Computation over Fields and Rings via Linear Compression of Sources PDF
K Vinodh, V Lalitha, N Prakash, P Vijay Kumar, S Sandeep Pradhan 181-205

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ISSN: 0970-4140