Vol 94, No 2 (2014)

Cold Atom Quantum Emulators: From Condensed Matter to Field Theory to Optical Clocks (April - June 2014)

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Editorial Committee

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Editor's Desk

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T N Guru Row, Vasant Natarajan, Viijay B Shenoy

Review Articles

Atom Lithography PDF
Vasant Natarajan 173-178
A Single Impurity in an Ideal Atomic Fermi Gas: Current Understanding and Some Open Problems PDF
Zhihao Lan, Carlos Lobo 179-188
Frustration in Optical Lattices of Interacting Bosons PDF
Subroto Mukerjee 189-198
Fermions in Synthetic Non-Abelian Gauge Fields PDF
Sambuddha Sanyal, Sudeep Kumar Ghosh, Jayantha P Vyasanakere 199-216
Synthetic Gauge Fields for Ultra Cold Atoms: A Primer PDF
Sankalpa Ghosh, Rashi Sachdeva 217-232
Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in Ultracold Atoms: A Projection Operator Approach PDF
Sengupta Krishnendu 233-240


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