Vol 91, No 2 (2011)

(April - June 2011) Physics and Applications of Amorphous Semiconductors— Recent Advances

Table of Contents

Editorial Committee

Editorial Committee PDF

Editor's Desk

Editorial PDF
T N Guru Row, S Asokan i-ii

Review Articles

Understanding the Structure and Properties of Phase Change Materials for Data Storage Applications PDF
M Anbarasu, Matthias Wuttig 259-274
Structure and Topology of Phase-Change Telluride Melts PDF
Matthieu Micoulaut, Christophe Bichara 275-284
Amorphous Hydrogenated Silicon: A Perspective on Circuit Synthesis PDF
Sanjiv Sambandan 285-294
A Review of Photo-Induced Inter-Diffusion in Nano-Layered Chalcogenide Films PDF
K S Sangunni 295-302
A.C. Conduction in Amorphous Semiconductors PDF
Sevi Murugavel, Manisha Upadhyay 303-318
Electrical Switching and Other Properties of Chalcogenide Glasses PDF
S Asokan, K P Lakshmi 319-330

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