Vol 3 (1920)

(1920 - 1921)

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Review Articles

Studies on Alcoholysis III. The Alcoholysis of Aromatic Esters and the Inhibiting Influence of Ortho - Substituents PDF
J J Sudborough, D D Karve 1-14
An automatic Separator for Use in Essential Oil Distillation PDF
H E Watson 15-18
The Starting Conditions in Synchronous Machines PDF
A Hay, F N Mowdawalla 19-37
Studies in the Fermentation of Cellulose PDF
Gilbert J Fowler, Ganesh Vaman Joshi 39-60
Tartaric Acid from Tamarinds. PDF
J J Sudborough, P N Vridhachalam 61-80
Studies in the Bio - Chemistry of the Mahua Flower. PDF
Gilbert J Fowler, Jal D Edal Behram, S R Bhate, K Habib Hassan, S Mahdihassan, N N Inuganti 81-118
The Perishing of Paper in Indian Libraries. PDF
J J Sudborough, Miss M M Mehta 119-226
The Conservation of Nitrogen with Special Reference to Activated Sludge. PDF
Gilbert J Fowler 227-279
Wood Distillation Part III. The Distillation of some Mysore and Baroda Woods and of certain Waste Products PDF
J J Sudborough, H E Watson, M N Bahuguna, K R Dotiwala, M G Kekre, M O Krishnaswamy, M K Narasimhan, S M Nilikani 281-292
Part IV. The Tar from Cocoanut Shells. PDF
M K Narasimhan 293-306

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