Vol 2 (1918)

(1918 - 1920)

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Review Articles

The Training of Students in applied Chemistry PDF
Gilbert J Fowler 1-12
Indian Essential Oils PDF
J J Sudborough 13-27
The Oleo-Resin from Hardwickia Pinnata PDF
K Sitaram Iyer, J J Sudborough 29-35
The Oleo-resin from Dipterocarpus Indicus PDF
J C Mansukhani, J J Sudborough 37-45
Part I - The Vapour Pressure of Acetone. PDF
G R Paranjpe 47-58
Part II -The Vapour Pressures of Concentrated Solutions PDF
G R Paranjpe 59-72
Wood Distillation. Part I General PDF
H E Watson, J J Sudborough 79-106
Part II - The Distillation of some South Indian Woods PDF
H E Watson, J J Sudborough, K S Dheerendra Doss, K Umanatha Rao 107-119
Studies on Alcoholysis Part II. Alcoholysis in the absence of a Catalyst. PDF
J J Sudborough, N B Bhagvat, V K Bhagvat 121-136
Tests for Ganja and Other Products from Indian Hemp (Cannabis indica). PDF
J J Sudborough, Padubidri Ganesh Rao 137-142
Some Experiments on the Cathode Fall Part I. In Neon and Helium PDF
H E Watson, G R Paranjpe 143-165
Part II -In Argon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen. PDF
Gopal Paranjpe 166-177
The Hydrolysis of Naphthol Ethers. PDF
Gopal Balkrishn Kolhatkar 179-186
The Enoligation of Carbonyl Compounds under the Influence of Grignard's Reagents PDF
Vinayak Keshav Bhagvat, J J Sudborough 187-194
Some Enzymes of the Leaf of Lantana camara PDF
Jal D Edal Behram 195-208
A Laboratory Vacuum Film Evaporator. PDF
H E Watson 209-212
Oil Splitting by Castor Seed Lipase Part I. lipolytic Enzymes PDF
J J Sudborough, H E Watson, P S Varma 213-240
Part II - Experiments on the splitting of oils by means of Castor Seed Lipase. PDF
J J Sudborough, H E Watson, P S Varma 241-265
Part III - Experiments on Oil Splitting with Germinating and Resting Castor Seeds PDF
K G Laiwala 266-267
Part IV - Advantages of the Fermentation Process. PDF
J J Sudborough, H E Watson 268-273

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