Vol 1 (1914)

(1914 - 1918)

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Borohydrates PDF
Morris W Travers, Rames Chandra Roy, Nalini Mohan Gupta 1
On the Radioactivity of the Rocks of the Kolar Gold Fields PDF
Herbert Edmeston Watson, Gostabehari Pal 39
Leadcyanide PDF
Nalini Mohan Gupta 47
A Graphical Treatment of the Skin Effect PDF
Alfred Hay 49
A Method of Predetermining the Effect of Field Distortion in Continuous Current Generators PDF
Alfred Hay 63
Some Experiments on Brush Contact Resistance PDF
Alfred Hay, M H Bhatt, J M Parikh 71
On Magnesium Boride and Amorphous Boron PDF
Mr Ramesh Chandra Ray 81
Oil from the Flowers and Leaves of Lavandula Burmanni PDF
Darab Dinsha Kanga 89
Oil from the Flowers and Leaves of Lantana Camara. PDF
Darab Dinsha Kanga 94
Borohydrates, Part II PDF
Morris W Travers, Rames Chandra Ray 97
Studies on alcoholysis. I. Dilatometric determination of the velocity of alcoholysis in the presence of a large excess of alcohol. PDF
Gopal Balkrishn Kolhatkar 107
The replacement of Sulphonic Acid groups in Amino-sulphonic Acids by Halogen Atoms. PDF
John Joseph Sudborough, Jamiat Vishindas Lakhumalani 133
Note on the Dielectric Strength of samples of Biotite Mica from the Forest of Kodarma PDF
F N Mowdawalla 147
Additive Compounds of Trinitrobenzene PDF
John Joseph Sudborough 149
Additive Compounds of s-Trinitrobenzene with Amino Derivatives of Complex Aromatic Hydrocarbons PDF
Shunker Trimbak Gadre, John Joseph Sudborough 159
Additive Compounds of s-Trinitrobenzene with Heterocyclic Compounds Containing Nitrogen in the Ring. PDF
Sosale Garalapury Sastry 167
The Determination of the Iodine values of Fats and Oils by Winkler's Bromate Method PDF
Jamiat Vishindas Lakhani, John Joseph Sudborough 173
Chemical Examination of the Roof of Neriam Odorum (Kanher) PDF
Shunker Trimbak Gadre 181
The oil contents of some South Indian oil seed cakes PDF
J J Sudborough 201
Experimental and Analytical Investigations of the actions taking place in a Synchronous machine during the starting period when the starting is effected by means of alternating current. PDF
Alfred Hay, F N Mowdawalla 205
The Radioactivity of Rocks from the Mysore State, South India. PDF
W F S Smeeth, H E Watson 243

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