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Vol 93, No 4 (2013): (Oct. - Dec. 2013) High Performance Advanced Composites

The image in the front cover shows the SARAS Aircraft that is being designed andmanufactured by National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, a CSIR Lab. The front coveralso shows the manufacturing of a complex composite wing of this aircraft using Veritycomposite manufacturing technology that is being pioneered by NAL. This complex wingof wing span 5,6 m is manufactured as a co-cured and co-bonded construction.
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Vol 93, No 3 (2013): (Jul - Sep. 2013)Cyber Physical Systems

A prototypical cyber physical system consists of tiny devices embedded in the physicalworld. These devices have very energy efficient sensing, actuation, computing andcommunication mechanisms built-in. They continuously sense the physical world andrelay this information securely over the internet to a control center using machine tomachine (M2M) protocols and thus enable the Internet of Things (IoT). The control centercontinuously analyses this data and sends back commands over the internet to thesedevices to affect the physical system.
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Vol 93, No 2 (2013): (Apr. - Jun. 2013) Water Management in Changing Environment

All the figures depicted on the cover page are a part of the review articles included in this publication. They depict various phases of water such as rainfall distribution(India); remote sensing application for soil moisture prediction (USA) and also flood prone areas (India); climate change effect on water resources leading to floods (Australia) as well as on water resources addressing both quantity and quality issues (India);  monitoring of groundwater driven agriculture through satellites (India)  and also complex urban water distribution system (India). Since this is an UN mandated 2013  International year of water co-operation, this logo is also shown (with permission).


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Vol 92, No 4 (2012): (Oct.-Dec. 2012) Development and Disorders of the Nervous System

Inspired form the ‘Lord of the Rings’ the image depicts the birth of the nervous system in the middle. The neural tube flanked by a pair of somites with the notochord on one side and the future epithelium on the other is shown. The three large neurons surrounding the ring illustrate the ultimate manifestation of the units that will build the brain. The original message of Sauron has been replaced with “giving thought to life”.

Illustration by Ipsa Jain (MRDG, IISc, Bangalore)

(Jul.-Sept.) Cancer Enigma: Concepts, Challenges and Prospects

Vol 92, No 3 (2012): (Jul.-Sept.) Cancer Enigma: Concepts, Challenges and Prospects

The cover page depicts recent developments in cancer biology field reflecting the stem cell hypothesis, importance of protein structures and micro RNA expression based classification of tumors.
(Apr.-Jun.) Advances in Nanomedicine

Vol 92, No 2 (2012): (Apr.-Jun.) Advances in Nanomedicine

Diverse applications of nanobiotechnology: Targeted drug delivery using magnetic nanoparticles, label free optical biosensing, single virus detection using magnetic nanoacquarium for in-situ imaging, effect of nano-hexaconazole for applications in agriculture.

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