Architecting mesoporous AlSBA-15: Anoverview onthe synthetic strategy

Parasuraman Selvam, Nunna V Krishna, Balasubramanian Viswanathan


The architecture of mesoporous solids has seen many innovations based on template mechanism. Among them, SBA-type materials has thicker walls, more silanol groups, large pore sizes and enormous pore volumes imparting them with high thermal and hydrothermal stability. Thus making them advantageous for a variety of applications, and hence generated a lot of interest. In this regard, this review examines the various aspects of synthesis and their influence on altering the properties SBA-type silica materials with respect to hetero-ion substitution in the framework structure. Further, this review also deals with critical evaluation in exploiting this class of materials, in particular SBA-15 matrix, for aluminum incorporation in the framework. Different synthesis methodologies have been described and it is hoped that this review will not only serve as a source of information but also can be expected to push the knowledge domain of mesoporous solids.


Mesoporous materials; Silicates; Aluminosilicates; SBA-15.

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