Climate and ecosystem change: What does it mean for biodiversity conversation in India



Climate change as a consequence of human activity such as emission of green house gases into the atmosphere is now adistinct possibility according to the assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. During the 21st century climate change can be expected to make impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity on a global scale. In this paper I briefly review the implications of climate change for forest and wildlife conservation in India. Outputs fromgeneral circulation models of temperature and precipitation changes over India are examined in the context of possible Climpacts on forests. A regional model of climate and vegetation change in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve of south India ispresented. Implications of this modd for conservation of various vegetation types and endemic species such as the tahr(Hemitragus hylacrins) are discussed. Some adaptation strategies are outlined.


Climate change; vegetation change; biodiversity; Western Ghats

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