Ladderane architecture: From molecular to supramolecular assemblies



Construction of covalently bonded molecular arrays, composed of linearly fused cycllc rings of varying shape and Size and of nanometric length continues to attract synthetic chemists around the world Mole recently, 'supramolecular' equlvalents of such molecular arrays have also drawn attention We have devised a one-step approach to laadderans , linearly fused assembly of cycloctane rings, through cascade cyclooctaons in an appropriately substituted cyclobutadtene synthon Following this strategy, It has been possible to access [n]-ladderanes of record length (n = 13) and of nanometric dimension. In a reglo- and stereoselective manner Reactions of our cyclobutanene synthon with several interesting olefins have been studied to generate systems ill which electron and energy transfer can occur with facility. We have also sought and successfully designed supramolecular equivalent of the molicular ladders in the same  state. In this context, trans-I, 2-diphcnyl-l-cyclobutene-3,   dinltrate has been found to be a providing teeton which readily self assembles the solid state will have an Infinite ladderane montif as revealed by X-ray crystallography.


[n]-ladderanes; 1,2-dicarbomethoxy-cyclobutaruene; cascade cycloadditions; nano-architecture; supramolecular ladderanes

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