Trends in molecular biology



Molecular biology as a discipline was born with scepticism in the minds of at Jeast some classical biologists and biochemists. However, it has truly evolved into a major discipline of modem biology and revolutionized our understanding of biology at the molecular level. The two fundamental questions- namely, the role of excess DNA in higher organisms and the structure and regulation of expression of eukaryotic genes are interrelated and a great deal of information is now available. It is proposed that at least part of the excess DNA is required to bring about the temporal and stage-specific regulation of gene expression. Knowledge at the molecular level has helped to go up the ladder and investigate the biology of the total organism. The fundamental concepts on gene structure and expression have led to the birth of new biotechnology with unlimited potential to solve problems of health and disease, food and agriculture and industry and environment.


Central dogma; C-value paradox; gene expression; future.

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