CAR‑T Cells: Next Generation Cancer Therapeutics

Ashwini Balakrishnan


Chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) are synthetic receptors
consisting of recognition domains derived from antibodies coupled to
the signaling domains of T cells. CAR-modified T-cell therapies have
shown dramatic remissions in the treatment of B-cell-derived malignancies.
This review examines the different factors involved in CAR-T cell
design such as design of the synthetic receptor, choice of T-cell subset
and tumor target. Further, we discuss the promise of the initial clinical
trials in hematological malignancies and the obstacles for translation of
CAR-T cell therapies in solid tumors. The review also describes the use
of safety circuits designed in CAR-T cells to minimize off-tumor toxicity.
The combination of these approaches will help facilitate effective translation
of CAR-T cell therapies.

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