Neural Circuits of Memory Consolidation and Generalisation

P. Meenakshi, J. Balaji


Memories of lifetime experiences, events and facts are
thought to be acquired through part of the brain region termed hippocampus.
These memories are very distinct when they form initially.
However, in due course of time after their formation, these memories
become less specific. This process of losing specificity and being able
retrieve a memory at the presentation of cues that are related, though
not necessarily the same as the one that was initially used, is termed
generalisation. In this review, first we propose a modification to the categorisation
of memories based on lifetime of memories and then proceed
forward to introduce the idea of memory consolidation at various scales
and their relevance to generalisation. We conclude by reviewing some of
the recent pertinent methodologies and their basis in performing these


Remote memories, systems consolidation, generalisation

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