Region of Interest Compressed Sensing MRI

Amaresha Shridhar Konar, Jain A. Divyaa, Shamshia Tabassum, Rajagopalan Sundaresan, Julianna Czum, Barjor Gimi, Ramesh D.R. Babu, Sairam Geethanatha


Compressed Sensing (CS) based Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) reconstruction relies on data sparsity. Region of Interest Compressed Sensing (ROICS) is based on the hypothesis that superior CS performance can be obtained by limiting the sparsity objective and data consistency in CS to a Region of Interest (ROI). This relaxation is justified in most applications where the anatomy of interest such as the heart, has surrounding structures, typically not used for further analyses. ROICS has been proposed as an extension of CS that is ROI weighted CS. Current work demonstrates the implementation of ROICS for the first time on MR cardiac and brain data. Reconstructed images and performance evaluation metrics show that ROICS technique performs better than conventiona lCS technique. CS and Parallel Imaging (PI) are widely used to reduce MRI scan time and their combination yields better performance than used individually. The proposed method also implements the combination of ROICS and SENSitivity Encoding (SENSE), which applies weighted CSto a particular ROI, and the resulting output is then reconstructed using SENSE for arbitrary k-space. Proposed ROICS-PI performs better as comparedto PI and CS + PI.

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