Editor's Desk

T. N. Guru Row


Prof. Asokan has guest-edited the current issue devoted to Fiber optics, an area which has had anenormous impact on modern day communication. Recent advances have been centered on the development and fabrication of these devices which can operate under ambient and non ambient conditions and the emphasis has been on the basic understanding of the phenomenon. Use of SWNT in these devices is an example of recent advances. The articles gathered and edited by Prof. Asokan (Vol.94 No.3, 2014) has brought out the research potential in this area and on behalf of the editorial committee I express my sincere thanks.

As I mentioned in my previous editorial remarks, the “The Centenary Issue” is getting ready and itwill be released in the next few weeks as a supplement. Members of the Editorial Committee as well asexperts from various fields have put in enormous effort to bring out the special issue and the readers can look forward to a nostalgic trip down memory lane!!


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