Rigorous Design and Optimization of a New Generation of Optical Sensors

Azizur B.M. Rahman, Kejalakshmy K, Charusluk Viphavakit, Christos Themistos, Muttukrishnan Rajarajan, K.T.V. Grattan


The design and optimization of a suite of novel optical sensors is presented, showing the value of using rigorous full-vectorial numerical approaches. Although fibre based optical sensors are well established in the market, designs based on more exotic nanowires and photonic crystalfibres are becoming increasingly important and showing much improved sensitivity by accessing a larger evanescent field. Similarly, novel planar design concepts, such as the silicon slot guide-based design is showing even greater promise, allowing the exploitation of well developed CMOS fabrication technologies for potentially low-cost sensor elements. Someselected results illustrating the value and potential of the numerically efficientfinite element method in systems design are presented.

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