A comparitive histochemical study of lipid absorption in a few freshwater teleosts

Ashok Channa, M K Raina


lipid absorption, experimentally studied in three species of fishes, namely, Esomus danricus, Clarias batrachus and Channa striatus is described. After starving the fishes for 72 hr, they were fed on castor oil (to 10ml/kg body weight) and the absorption of neutral lipids was studied histochemically at regular intervals using Sudan black B method. The anterior portions of the intestine of all the three species of fishes depicted maximum absorption, 8 hr after feeding, and later on at 16 and 24 hr, showed progressive decline. Middle intestine of these fishes exhibited moderate absorption at different time intervals whereas the posterior part of the intestine showed comparatively Jess absorption at all the time intervals. The pyloric caeca of C. striatus showed moderate lipid absorption, 8 hr after feeding; and after 16 hr, there was uniform increase till maximum absorption was attained at 24 hr.

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