Dichotomy of lymphocyte population and cell-mediated immune responses in a fruit bat, Pteropus giganteus

Amal K Chakraborty, Ashim k Chakravarty


Dichotomy of lymphocyte population in the line of T and B cells in a fruit bat, Pteropus giganteus has been shown by differential cytotoxic killing with anti-lymphocyte serum and the serum after absorped on with brain cell homogenate. The rationale and necessity of the experiment have been doscussed.Then T-cell mediated response in the bat was measured by delayed-type skin sensitivity test and mixed lymphocyte culture modes of these reactions were delayed and of lesser degree. Modes of these responses if the bat are interesting from several points of view including the role of bats as reservoir of dreaded inertia and viruses. Present investigation for the first time looked into details of cell-media tedtune response (CMI) in the bat.


Bat; lymphocyte dichotomy (B and T); delayed-type hypersensitivity; MLC.

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