Tridentate schiff base complexes of some bivalent metal ions

Praveen Mathur, R K Mehta


2-(N-3,  5-clichloro-a-pyridoneimino) ethane sulphonic acid Schiff base (H2PE) chelates with Cu(II),  Ni(II), CO(II),  Cd(II), V0^+ 2 , and UO2^+2 , have been investigated both in solution and solid  phase by physico-chemical methods and their  stereochernistry  established. The stabilities of the chelate,  determined by Calvin-Bjerrum pH-titration technique, follow Irving-William's order. The pyridine and picoline adducts have also been synthesised and studied.



Bivalent chelates of 2-(N-3, 5-dicloro-α-pyridoneimino) ethane sulphonic acid; H2PE.

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