Synthetic applications of BI3:N(C2H5)2Ph complex

Mariappan Periasamy, Ch Kishan Reddy, J V Bhaskar Kanth


Reaction of I2(1.5 mole eq) with BH3.N(C2H5)2Ph (I eq.) benzene at room temperature gives BI3 N(C2H5)2Ph reagent. The BI3 reagent prepared In this way on reaction with CH3COOH give HI which is useful for hydroiodination of alkenes and alkynes to obtain alkyl and alkenyl iodides In 74 to 84% jields. The BI3 reagent is also useful for cleavage of N-carbamates to secondary amines. Application of this reagent for cleavage of ethers, esters and sulphonates is also described.


lodoborane; alkyl and alkenyl iodide synthesis; clevage of carbamates;ethers; esters; sulphonates.

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