Synthesis of tetrahydrofuran lignans

Janet A Gaboury, Mukund P Sibi


This brief review details the racemic and enantioselective syntheses of naturally occuring tetrahydrofuran lignans burseran, dehydroxycubebin,braslignan, and several analogs of the natural products. The key bond-forming strategies  employed in these syntheses includes Diels-Alder and nitrile-oxide cycloadditions, stereoselective aikylation, Michael additions, and radical cyclizations.


Tetrahydrofuran lignans; tubulin; spindl poisons; antitumor agents; platelet-activating factors; burseran; dehydroxycubebin.brasslignan; Mlchael additions; Diels-Alder reaction; dehydration; butyrolactones; nitrile oxide cycloadditions.

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