Surface mediated reaction-A powerful technique in organic synthesis. Use of alumina and silica gel as active surface for useful synthetic transformations

Brindaban C Ranu, Sanjay Bhar, Rupak Chakraborty, Asish Ranjan Das, Manika Saha, Arunkanti Sarkar, Ratna Chakraborti, Dipak C Sarkar


Significant improvement in terms of convenience, yield, reaction time and selectivity has been achieved using alumina and silica gel as support or surface for several Important reactions. These include : (a) Michael reaction, (b) regioselective alkylation of 1.3-dicarbonyl compounds. (c) selective bromination of alkyl- substituted aromatic hydrocarbons, (d) aldol reaction of silyl enol ethers with aldehydes, (e) regioselectwe reductwe cleavage of epoxides, (fl regioselective hydration of alkenes, and (g) regioselective 1.2-reduction of conjugated carbonyl compounds.


Surface-mediated reaction; silica gel; alumina; Michael reaction; alkylation; aldol reaction; epoxidecleavage; hydration of alkenes; reduction of conjugated carbonyl compounds.

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