Studies on 'balanced food'. Part II The Quality of Proteins of the Food.

B M Lal, R Rajagopalan


The biological value of the mixed proteins of the 'balanced food' processed in these laboratories was assessed by four different methods. The data clearly indicate that the proteins are quite adequate for growth, maintenance of nitrogen balance, formation of hemoglobin and regeneration of liver proteins. The significance of the observations have been discussed. In a recent communication,' the method of  processing a cheap 'balanced food' was outlined. The food is meant primarily to meet the requirements of proteins, particularly to the class of population consuming a poor diet. A mixture of oilcake proteins has been employed so as to supply all the essential. amino acids It was considered desirable to assess the quality of the proteins by some of the well-known methods. The data collected are reported and discussed in this paper. The evaluation of the protein quality was made by the following four methods: (1) protein efficiency ratio by the growth method of Osborne, Mendel and Ferry 2 ; (2) biological value by the nitrogen balance technique; 3 (3) hxmopoietic value4 ; and (4) liver protein regeneration.'

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