Isolation of 2- deoxyecdysterone, a novel oxytocic agent, from a marine Zoanthus sp. octadeca - 2 (10) , 3, 5, 7 - tetraene from indole and acetylacetone.

P S Parameswaran, C G Naik, et al


The insect-moulting hormone 2 - deoxyecdysterone (2 - deoxy - 20 - hydroxyecdysone I ) has been isolated for the first time and in relatively high yield (0.016%) from a marine Zoanthus sp. The compound exhibited promising oxytocic activity in guinea pig uterus assay. The IH and IJC NMR assignments of the compound aided by COSY, TOCSY, HMQC and HMBC data are reported here for the fIrst time.IH and IJC-NMR spectra. The plausible mechanism of the reac- tion is presented.been subjected to some kind of chemical or biological examination; thus vast majority of natural wealth remains unexplored. Studies on marine natural products initiated only recently have yielded molecules with exotic molecular architecture and diverse bioactivity. Well-directed research on natural products will enrich our bioresource base. In the current millennium, India is in a pre-eminent position to contribute towards natural product research with the utilization of its rich knowledge base and biodiversity.


Zoanthus sp; ecdysone; ecdysterone; oxytocin; prostaglandin F2a; moulting hormone.reaction.biocatalytic synthesis; chemical ecology; bioremedia- tion.

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