DNA topoisomerases from Mycobacterium tuberculosisand Mycobacterium smegmatis

U H Manjunatha, K Madhusudan, S Unniraman, D Sikder, M Chatterjee, T Bhaduri, D R Radha, V Nagaraja


DNA topology has a major influence on vital processes such as replication and transcription in all organisms. DNA topoisomerases catalyze the topological reactions and are essential for cell survival. We have been working on different classes of DNA topoisomerases from mycobacteria to understand their regulation, crucial role in important cellular functions and in expression of virulence genes. The studies are also aimed at developing new therapeutics against tuberculosis, which has reemerged as the number one killer worldwide. Molecular cloning and overexpression of the genes for DNA gyrase (a type II topoisomerase found only in bacteria) from mycobacteria in our laboratory has paved the way for detailed characterization of the enzyme. In parallel, DNA topoisomerase I from mycobacteria is also characterized. The studies have unraveled the unique features of these enzymes from mycobateria.


Mycobacteria; topoisomerases; DNA gyrase; supercoiling

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