Development of simple fuzzy logic controller (SFLC)for ZVS quasi-resonant converter: Design, simulation and experimentation

S Arulselvi, Uma Govindarajan, V Saminath


This paper presents the design of simple but powerful fuzzy logic controller (SFLC) based on single input variable instead of the process state variables or error and its derivatives to represent n-dimensional rule table as in the case of conventional FLC (CFLC). SFLC has only one-dimensional rule table, which in turn reduces memory requirement and computational complexity in coding. Also the tuning of scaling factors and the generation of fuzzy rules becomes easier. As a result, realizing fuzzy algorithm in a microcontroller or digital signal processor becomes simple. The application of SFLC is verified for voltage control of ZVS-QRC against load variations. The analysis, design and control characteristics of buck-boost ZVS-QRC are presented. The control performance
of SFLC is compared with CFLC through simulation and experimental studies using 40 MHz, 16bit, TMS320F2407A DSP Processor. Results show improved performance of SFLC.


Frequency-modulated zero voltage switching quasi resonant converter (FM-ZVS-QRC); proportional integral derivative (PID); sliding mode control (SMC); simple fuzzy logic controller (SFLC)

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