Contribution of Nanobiotechnology in Indian Agriculture: Future Prospects

Arunava Goswami, Amitabha Bandyopadh


Agriculture and livestock industries constitute the backbone of Indian economy. Nanobiotechnology is expected to make a seminal contribution in these areas in coming years. Two major constraints in these areas of research are as follows- (a) interventions should be low cost, preferably cheaper than the currently used products or technologies, so that farmers can afford and (b) they should be bio- and ecologically safe. Till date, significant research has not been done in India on nanobiotechnology with emphasis on Indian Agriculture. Our laboratory is working with the aforementioned objectives over the past few years. Results of our initiative towards this direction are presented. This review includes a short note on the future prospects of nanobiotechnology and its implications on various emerging sectors of Indian Agriculture.


Agriculture; Veterinary Science; Nanobiotechnology; Livestock; Poultry; Sericulture; Insecticide; Fungicide

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