Electrical-energy storage in hybrid ultracapacitors

M K Ravikumar, E Niranjana, A Sundar Rajan, A Banerjee, S A Gaffoor, A K Shukla


There are several ways of storing electrical energy in chemical and physical forms and retrieving it on demand, and ultracapacitors are one among them. This article presents the taxonomy of ultracapacitor and describes various types of rechargeable-battery electrodes that can be used to realize the hybrid ultracapacitors in conjunction with a high-surface- area-graphitic-carbon electrode. While the electrical energy is stored in a battery electrode in chemical form, it is stored in physical form as charge in the electrical double-layer formed between the electrolyte and the high-surface-area-carbon electrodes. This article discusses various types of hybrid ultracapacitors along with the possible applications.

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