Improved Modeling of Groundwater Recharge in Agricultural Watersheds Using a Combination of Crop Model and Remote Sensing

K Sreelash, M Sekhar, Laurent Ruiz, Samuel Buis, S Bandyopadhyay


For improved water management and effi ciency of use in agriculture, studies dealing with coupled crop-surface water-groundwater models are needed. Such integrated models of crop and hydrology can provide accurate quantifi cation of spatio-temporal variations of water balance parameters such as soil moisture store, evapotranspiration and recharge in a catchment. Performance of a coupled crop-hydrology model would depend on the availability of a calibrated crop model for various irrigated/rainfed crops and also on an accurate knowledge of soil hydraulic parameters in the catchment at relevant scale. Moreover, such a coupled model should be designed so as to enable the use/assimilation of recent satellite remote sensing products (optical and microwave) in order to model the processes at catchment scales. In this study we present a framework to couple a crop model with a groundwater model for applications to irrigated groundwater agricultural systems. We discuss the calibration of the STICS crop model and present a methodology to estimate the soil hydraulic parameters by inversion of crop model using both ground and satellite based data. Using this methodology we demonstrate the feasibility of estimation of potential recharge due to spatially varying soil/crop matrix.



agro-hydrology; crop model; recharge; soil hydraulic parameters

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