Developments in Single and Multi-photon Fluorescence Microscopy for High Resolution Imaging

Partha Pratim Mondal, Shilpa Dilipkumar, Kavya M, Raju Regmi, Subhajit B Purnapatra


Fluorescence imaging has revolutionized the fi eld of Biology and improved our understanding of biological phenomena with super-resolution capabilities. This has become the basic tool for unveiling the biological complex processes in a variety of fundamental studies. In this respect, single and multiphoton fl uorescence microscopy have overcome many limitations. While epifl uorescence and confocal fl uorescence microscopy are being routinely used for diagnostics and study of biomolecules, new developments during the last decade has led to many exciting imaging techniques such as, super-resolution microscopy (STED, STORM, PALM and structured illumination), depth imaging microscopy, multi-focal microscopy and lightsheet microscopy. These techniques have advanced the reach of fl uorescence microscopy in many fi elds ranging from nano-optics to bioimaging. In this brief review article, we will review some of the popular, recent and widely used single and multi-photon fl uorescence microscopy techniques.

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