Dioxomolybdenum reagents in organic synthesis: utility of redox capability to design reduction and oxidation

Mahagundappa R Maddani, Kandikere Ramaiah Prabhu


The usefulness of dioxomolybdenum reagents in oxo-transfer reactions have been reviewed. The redox ability of dioxomolybdenum reagent has been utilized in designing several synthetic methods, which are useful in organic synthesis. Several reactions such as oxidation of alcohols, sulfides, amines, azides olefins etc are accomplished by using dioxomolybdenum reagents. Similarly, it is also demonstrated that dioxomolybdenum complex is useful in performing reduction of aldehydes, ketones, esters, azides etc. A fine tuning of reaction conditions provides suitable conditions to perform either oxidation or reduction by using catalytic amount of reagents. The oxidation reactions are further simplified by employing the polymer supported molybdenum reagents.

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