Journal of the Indian Institute of Science

The Journal of the Indian Institute of Science has been published by the Institute since 1914. Since its origin, research work carried out by the Institute and other institutions around the world was accepted for publication in the journal. The format was changed and it became a quarterly journal in the year 2007. Since then only review articles are being published, each issue being edited by an eminent researcher donning the mantle of a ‘Guest Editor’.

Vol 96, No 2 (2016): Transport in Mesoscopic Systems

Cover Page
The cover page shows a topological non-trivial state which maintains its chirality depending on clockwise or anti-clockwise twist. Once there is an edge or transition from non-trivial to trivial state new type of phases or excitations emerge. This issue gives a preview of those emergent fields in mesoscopic physics.

ISSN: 0970-4140